How do I verify an identity document?

Have a US government-issued photo ID document from our list of supported documents at hand. From your Midy home screen, you have the option to verify your identity document — this will begin the process. Select the country where your ID was issued, the type of ID, and allow Midy access to your camera. Follow the instructions given to take a clear photo of your ID and a video selfie. Your biometric information from your photo and video will be processed to confirm your identity. 

It may take a couple of minutes for the verification process to complete. Once verified, your document will be securely stored in Midy.  

How do I view a previously verified document?

In My Data menu item, select Documents then tap on each verified document to see the details and the image(s) of your ID. 

Can I load the same document more than once into my wallet?

Yes, Midy will not check if you have added a document already present in your wallet. This is helpful in case you have a new document that has a more recent issue or expiry date than the original document you loaded into Midy. Once you load the new document you can safely delete the original expired document.

How can I see my activity history in Midy?

For now, clicking My Data/History presents a placeholder Activity History screen. We are working on letting you view all your activities performed via Midy in the Activity History page.

Types of activities you will see include: 

  • Midy setup established 
  • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy acceptance 
  • Midy successful sign-in 
  • Verified ID added 
  • Verified ID deleted 
  • Linking of Midy account to a new device
  • Recovery of access to your Midy account

How do I generate and use a recovery code?

In Midy, go to Settings to locate the ‘Recovery code’ option. The recovery code is presented in Midy as both a 64-character long code and a QR code. It is very important to store the recovery code securely and we highly recommend not to share your recovery code with anyone.

When you install the Midy app on a new device you can select “Already got Midy” followed by “Don’t have other devices” to start the recovery process. You will have to confirm you have access to your Midy-registered email or phone number by verifying the OTP (one time password). Once you correctly enter the recovery code or scan the QR code, you will now have access to your Midy account and all your associated identity data.

What happens when I verify a new document on one of my linked devices?

Midy now supports multiple devices — which means you can now access all your identity data across all devices almost instantaneously. The data stored in Midy across your linked devices will be synced automatically, including your newly verified document.

Does Midy work for expired documents?

Midy will not allow you to add or verify expired documents.  

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