What is Midy?

Midy is a service that offers a simpler and more secure way to validate your identity online without sharing unnecessary personal data.

What are the benefits of Midy?

  • Midy will encrypt your identity data with keys on your device, so your sensitive information stays in your control until you are ready to use it to verify your identity with online services.    
  • Next-generation security – go passwordless! Midy supports the use of passkey technology and local device authentication (face and fingerprint biometrics) to help you securely access your app password-free and give you peace of mind. 
  • Verify your government-issued ID (see below) to add your document information to your Midy — meaning you are all set to verify “you are you” with partnered online services.
  • You can use Midy to complete a re-verification if a Partner requires you to periodically re-verify that you are a real person and the same person who completed the initial Midy identity verification on the account.

What are the key features of Midy?

  • Verify your ID document and store it securely in Midy
  • Add, view and delete your Verified ID documents
  • Store an image of your ID within Midy
  • Verify your age without disclosing your date of birth
  • Linking of your Midy account across your devices
  • Recovery codes to regain access to your Midy account when none of your linked devices are available
  • (Activity history coming soon)

What is a Midy "Verified ID"?

We refer to this stored information from your government-issued ID document as your “Verified ID”. Midy is an app that makes it simpler and safer to verify and prove your identity. To do this, we perform verification checks on your government-issued photo ID and face checks against the photo on your document and your video selfie. Once verified, we securely store information from your document in Midy (your Verified ID). When you need to prove you are you with our Partnered apps and services, your Verified ID can be used with your consent.

What languages are supported?

Midy will only be available in English initially, with plans to support other languages in the future.

When will Midy be available in other geographies?

Midy is currently only available in the United States. We’re planning our rollout of Midy to other countries, stay tuned!

Why do I need identity verification?

An identity verification will help you confirm that you are a real person by matching a live video of your face to the photo on your uploaded government-issued ID. For now, you will need to be over 18 years of age to validate yourself using the Midy app.

How much does Midy cost?

The Midy app is completely free to end users. 

What age verification checks are available via Midy?

Currently, you would be able to confirm whether or not you are on or over the age of 18, 20, 21, 25, 40, 50, 60, 65 or 70 years. Additionally, you could verify that your age is between 18 and 25 or between 26 and 39.

What does linking of Midy across devices mean?

Midy, the mobile application can be used across multiple devices. Many of us today have multiple mobile devices, and its important you can access your identity data across all of them.

When you install Midy on a new device, you have options to ‘Get started’ (i.e., register for a new Midy account) or indicate that you ‘Already have Midy’, which provides options to link your device with an existing Midy account. Linking to an existing Midy account will transfer a copy of your encrypted identity data in the cloud to your new Midy install on your device. The linking process (via either a recovery code or another device with access to your Midy account) provides your new device with keys to access your identity data. Once linked, your new Midy device will continue to be synced automatically with all your other linked devices.

What is a recovery code?

As the name suggests, a recovery code allows you to recover access to your Midy account in case you lose access to your device. It is presented in Midy as both a 64-character long code and a QR code. You can save the recovery code as text, PDF or even print it. For your security, we will not include your Midy-registered email or phone number in the PDF or printout.

You will need your Midy-registered phone number or email along with the recovery code to recover access to your Midy account using this method. You can also recover access to your Midy account using any device currently linked to your Midy account (see “How to link a new device to an existing Midy account?”).

If you don’t have a recovery code or access to another device already linked with your Midy account, you will not be able to recover access to your Midy account.

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