Empowering trust in the digital world

Turn digital identity into a competitive advantage with the ability to quickly verify data and empower your users with a reusable identity that they control.

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Know your customers and streamline the online shopping experience with privacy-preserving age and identity verification.

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Create safer player experiences, combat fake accounts, and restrict underage gaming with verified identity signals.

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Build mutual trust by enabling both buyers and sellers to know they are dealing with a verified party.

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Online Dating

Foster trusted interactions and combat fake accounts with privacy-preserving name and age verification.

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Sharing Economy

Enable safer transactions by giving users the tools to securely verify their name, age, and other relevant information.

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Social Media

Curb bots, impersonation, and fake accounts while enabling safer and more authentic online conversations.

Our Solutions

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Verify user identities with advanced biometric and document verification technology, reducing fraud and bots. 

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Gate age-restricted content with high-assurance and privacy-preserving age verification solutions.

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data exchange

Empower your users with the ability to safely and privately share verified data, such as membership, status, or affiliations.

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Recognize returning customers and enable seamless, passwordless authentication by requesting a user’s Midy credentials.

An Introduction
to Midy

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Verified and reusable identity credentials 

Empower your users with the tools to take control of their personal data, move it safely and privately across the web, and quickly prove information about themselves digitally.

Secure and private by design 

Midy securely stores and encrypts customer data, which can only be shared with the individual's direct consent. Businesses can minimize data collection by requesting binary proofs about the data, rather than the data itself. 

Built with your users in mind

Midy was designed by Gen, a leading consumer cybersecurity company, rooted in our combined heritage of providing safety for the first digital generations. Trust, performance, and best-in-class experiences are in our DNA.