Want to improve conversions and reduce fraud? Midy’s verified identity signals help retailers streamline the checkout process and combat the risk of fraudulent payments.

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Streamline customer onboarding and account creation.

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Ensure customers are old enough to purchase age-restricted items.

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Acquire new customers with special offers based on verified affiliations and membership status.

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Minimize data collection while gaining a better understanding of your customers.

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Request verified data directly from your customers

Empower customers to create an account with the information already stored and verified in Midy for a seamless online shopping experience.

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Don’t wait an age to verify a user’s age

Verify a user’s age in seconds to grant access to age-restricted goods. Midy minimizes the amount of data exchanged, enabling retailers to confirm a customer's details without having to store their date of birth or other personal information.

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Offer custom deals based on a customer's membership or affiliation status

With Midy, you can create tailored offers based on a customer's verified affiliation with select groups, including healthcare professionals, military members, and students.

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Seamless integration

Integrating Midy into your app or website is straightforward, thanks to our APIs, developer resources, and support services. Our dedicated team is here to assist you at every stage, sharing best practices to make the most of our platform.

Grow online sales and empower your customers with a reusable identity

Connect with our team today to learn more and see how Midy works. 

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Know your customers and streamline the online shopping experience with privacy-preserving age and identity verification.

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Create safer player experiences, combat fake accounts, and restrict underage gaming with verified identity signals.

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Build mutual trust by enabling both buyers and sellers to know they are dealing with a verified party.

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Online Dating

Foster trusted interactions and combat fake accounts with privacy-preserving name and age verification.

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Sharing Economy

Enable safer transactions by giving users the tools to securely verify their name, age, and other relevant information.

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Social Media

Curb bots, impersonation, and fake accounts while enabling safer and more authentic online conversations.