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Digital trust is the cornerstone of safer, more meaningful online conversations. It can help your users assess the information they see, foster greater confidence among advertisers, and enable smarter content restrictions grounded in verified data.
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Improve trust and safety within social media communities.

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Verify a user’s age in a privacy-preserving manner.

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Crack down on impersonation with name verification.

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Streamline account creation by requesting verified data directly from the user.

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A safer social experience for all

Midy helps social media platforms tackle fake accounts, cyberbullying, and underage users while minimizing data collection. The result is a safer, more trustworthy experience that boosts your brand’s reputation among users and advertisers alike.

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Privacy-preserving age verification

Empower your users with a reusable identity they can use to prove they are old enough to access age-restricted content without handing over sensitive information or even their full date of birth.

Pseudonymity with accountability

Fight bots and misinformation while still allowing users to post under an alias, by verifying that their account belongs to a real person.

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Get up and running, fast

Integrating Midy into your app or website is straightforward, thanks to our APIs, developer resources, and support services. Our dedicated team is here to assist you at every stage, sharing best practices to make the most of our platform.

Improve the trust and safety of your platform

Connect with our team today to learn more and see how Midy works.

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Know your customers and streamline the online shopping experience with privacy-preserving age and identity verification.

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Create safer player experiences, combat fake accounts, and restrict underage gaming with verified identity signals.

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Build mutual trust by enabling both buyers and sellers to know they are dealing with a verified party.

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Online Dating

Foster trusted interactions and combat fake accounts with privacy-preserving name and age verification.

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Sharing Economy

Enable safer transactions by giving users the tools to securely verify their name, age, and other relevant information.

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Social Media

Curb bots, impersonation, and fake accounts while enabling safer and more authentic online conversations.