What data can I load into Midy?

You can add your US Government-issued Driver License, US Government-issued State Photo ID and US Passport.  Stay tuned as more documents will be supported over time as Midy is getting smarter.

How does Midy store my data?

Your personal data will be stored and encrypted on your device with a secret key held by your device, that means only you will have access to that data. Midy also creates a backup copy of your personal data which is then stored in encrypted form in the cloud. The keys used for encrypting your data are not backed-up to the cloud. This means your sensitive data remains in your control. Midy will also store limited information (email or phone) on its servers to register and maintain your account, but the rest is in your control.

Midy stores an encrypted backup copy of your identity data in the cloud, allowing you to synchronise your identity data across all your devices. It also allows you to recover access your Midy account if you cannot access your active device (and you have previously generated a recovery code and still have access to it).

How are my biometric data used and shared?

As part of the Midy sign-up process, you will need to protect access to your account using local device authentication, where Midy encourages use of biometrics (face or fingerprint). Midy has no visibility of the biometrics you use for local device authentication other than confirming that they have been set up.

As part of the process to verify your government-issued ID, Midy compares the live capture of your face with the photo from your ID to confirm your identity. Midy keeps facial scan data and associated biometric data only when performing biometric checks and deletes such data once the check is complete (no later than in 48 hours from the moment they are captured). For more details on use of your biometric information, please refer to our Biometrics Notice. 

How do I delete Midy and my data?

In the Midy app settings you will see a link to “Delete Midy”. This process is permanent in that your data held in your Midy app will be deleted, including all verified documents that you have stored. Your identity data that is backed-up in the Midy cloud (to permit multi-device access to Midy) will also be deleted. In addition, your identity data held in any of your other devices linked to this Midy account will not be accessible and will be deleted the next time those devices appear online to the Midy service. Certain data, including your account* information and activity history, will be retained in the Midy cloud for the data retention period, to meet audit and compliance requirements

*Note: your email or phone number is included in the account information and kept for audit and compliance purposes. Please refer to the Midy Privacy Policy for more details about our data retention practices.

What happens if I just remove the app, and not use the “Delete Midy” option under settings?

If you delete the Midy app (i.e., remove or uninstall the app itself through your device OS, all your identity data associated with the Midy account, from your mobile device will be erased. However, the backup of your identity data on the cloud will remain in its encrypted form as deleting the local Midy app does not trigger the deletion of your Midy account. As a result, you may recover access to your Midy account, including your encrypted identity data in the cloud, by reinstalling Midy and using either a previously generated recovery code or another device that has access to your Midy account.

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