How do I download the Midy app?

You can download the Midy app directly from the US Google Play* or Apple App* stores. 
* Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions.

How do I set Midy up?

  • Once you’ve downloaded and opened the Midy app, you’ll be prompted to sign up using an email or a phone number. We’ll then send you a one-time code to confirm your ownership of the email or phone number you provided.
  • The next step is to enable passwordless authentication, which means you won’t ever need a password to access Midy.
  • Finally, set up local device security using your face or fingerprint biometrics (recommended), PIN or pattern.

You’re all set. The next time you open Midy, you’ll just need to authenticate with your face or fingerprint! You won’t see the layers of security underneath, but they’ll always be there protecting you.

How do I update my personal information in the Midy app?

Your personal information in Midy includes the email or mobile number you have used to set Midy up, and the data contained in the verified document(s) you have onboarded. This information is not directly modifiable within Midy. However, you may delete onboarded verified documents in the My Data/Documents section of the app, and new documents can be onboarded through an identity verification process with a government-issued ID. Changing your sign-up information (e.g., email or phone number) would require to you sign up again with Midy using your new email or phone number, but you would not be able to link/sync the personal information in the new Midy account with the previously created one.

Why no passwords, and what is a passkey anyway?

“Passkeys are a replacement for passwords that are designed to provide a more convenient, more secure, password-less sign-in experience on websites and apps.”¹

“Passkeys are a safer and easier replacement for passwords. With passkeys, users can sign into apps and websites with a biometric sensor (such as a fingerprint or facial recognition), PIN, or pattern, freeing them from having to remember and manage passwords.”²

Passwords are not only difficult to remember, but they’re also subject to dictionary attacks, credential stuffing attacks, and more. We want you to have a more secure and simpler way to access and protect your data.

Read more about passkey here:


What happens if my device passcode is removed?

Midy uses your device secure storage to help keep your data safe. Midy can only access its stored information when you perform local device authentication to sign-in to Midy. If your passcode is removed (e.g., by turning off local device authentication), Midy will no longer be able to operate — even if you turn local device authentication back on and set up a new passcode. In this case, Midy will reset itself and prompt you to perform the sign-up process again. You can recover access to your Midy account using another of your linked devices or by using a recovery code (provided you have access to a previously generated one) to prevent having to reset your Midy account.

How do I change my sign-up details?

Once your Midy setup is complete, your sign-up email or phone number is associated with your account and cannot be changed. However, you can delete your account, including all saved data in Midy, and complete the setup process again using your new email or phone number.

What happens if I lose access to Midy (e.g., delete my Midy app, or lose access to or replace my device)?

If you replace your device, or otherwise lose access to Midy, you can regain access through:

  1. Use of a recovery code (provided you had previously generated and stored one – and still have access to it), or through
  2. Linking your Midy account via another device that has access.

Alternatively, you can create a new Midy account with a new email address or phone number, but you will not have access to the information in your previous Midy account using that device.

How to review all linked devices and revoke access?

Midy does not have device management yet – which means you will not be able to revoke device access. But stay tuned, we plan to release a device management feature soon.

In the meantime, if you have lost or broken a device, we recommend locking or erasing your mobile device. Read more about these actions here:

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