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users, with Midy

Midy helps businesses to thrive in a world where users want to have greater control over their personal data, while helping organizations stay ahead of evolving privacy and data regulations.
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Connect with people, not bots  

Fight bots by verifying user’s identity with Midy’s privacy-preserving verification solution, letting your business effortlessly confirm authentic users without having to store or collect their personal documents or other unnecessary private data. 

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Know your
customers are who they say they are 

Midy helps you fight impersonation and fraudulent activity by ensuring that a user’s account name matches the name on their government-issued identity document.  

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Age verification

Safeguard children and restrict age-specific content with smarter parental controls using Midy's age verification. With this feature, partners can set age requirements and verify a user's age without storing personal information, thereby ensuring compliance with age restrictions. 

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Address verification 

Reduce shipping fraud and ensure your shipments go to the right place with Midy’s address verification solution. This feature allows your business to validate shipping addresses instantly, enhancing trust and operational efficiency. 

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Seamless onboarding and conversion 

Say goodbye to lengthy registration forms and onboard new users in seconds with Midy's one-tap data requests. Our secure, private channels make communication between you and your customer 
quick and straightforward, improving sign-ups and conversion rates. 

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Multi-factor authentication 

Midy provides a seamless authentication experience, enabling users to log in with a few quick taps using their Midy credentials. Experience true passwordless, multi-factor authentication based on state-of-the-art public key cryptography. 

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Employment verification 

Midy can instantly verify employment credentials, reducing administrative overhead and streamlining account recovery and access management. 

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Affiliation and membership checks 

Offer discounts and tailored offers based on an individual’s loyalty status or affiliation with a select group, such as healthcare professionals, military members, or students. 

The future of digital trust is here with Midy

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